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Swiss Sustainable Tennis Club in Quepos.


Quepos Tennis Club

Tennis Club

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Manuel Antonio Estates is on the way to create a new athletics center in the residence Palma Pacifica where 25 houses are going to be built for estate investment. In this new athletics center, there will be a tennis club with a sport center, restrooms, cafeteria, swimming pool and other facilities. This club will allow locals or owners to enjoy athletic activities. At the same time it will be also a national and international tennis club where inter-country meetings will take place.

The most important aspect is that this center will be totally ecological and the construction will be entirely eco-friendly.  As this center will be located in the middle of nature and surrounded by an abundance of fauna, flora and primary forest, the center will be completely sustainable. Why? Because climate change will fundamentally alter the world in which we live. It threatens to melt the polar ice caps, raise sea levels and cause extreme weather like severe droughts, storms and floods - some of which we are already seeing. Current estimates suggest that if we continue to burn fossil fuels at the current rate we will pass the "safe" limits of climate change within just 40 years. At that point climate change will occur so fast that ecosystems are unable to adapt and mass extinction of species begins to occur.


Renewable Energy system


The water system will use high efficiency solar heater systems and a gray water recycling system. These systems combine solar thermal with ground-source, heat pumps and heat recovery.

Tennis Club Tennis Club
System for heating the swimming pool During the day, the collector catches the sunbeams and transforms them in heat energy.


The benefit

Why is it important?

Solar produces power during periods of peak energy demand.

Peak shaving reduces the cost of generation and reduces stress on transmission lines.

Solar power is generated on the site of energy usage.

Avoids line losses, line upgrades and infrastructure costs.

Solar costs are in the initial purchase price of the equipment - there are no energy costs.

Provides stability to energy price forecasts. Reduces reliance on fuels that may fluctuate in price.

Local energy production reduces reliance on imported energy and long distance transmission.

Keeps local energy dollars in the community. Creates jobs in every region of Canada.

It produces local energy, autonomous from conventional energy supply.

Reduces disruption of energy due to natural or geo-political events.

Direct and lasting contribution to reduction of CO2 and other emissions.

Reduces environmental costs caused by the use and transportation of fossil fuels.


The Isolation with Prodex Rustic

Prodex is a company that offers a variety of products of thermal isolation. These isolations have been well studied and save more energy than normal isolation. The enterprise received the certification of its environmental management system, where the fulfillment of the procedure established by the International Organization of Standardization was legitimized (ISO14001:2004).

How does it work?

The conduction

  • The conduction is the direct flow of heat across a material with physical contact
  • The heat transfer for conduction is caused by the molecular movement
  • The molecules transfer their energy towards adjacent molecules and increase the temperature.

The convection:

  • In buildings the heat is transfered by the movement of the warmed air
  • In a space of the building, the lukewarm air gets up and the cold air gets down to create a ring convection
  • The convection also can be caused mechanically which term is a forced convection, for a range or for the wind.

Tennis Club Construction Convection

The radiation:

• It is the heat transfer from a warm surface to a cold one by the air.
• All the surfaces including a radiator, a kitchen, a ceiling and the insulating ordinary one radiate to different degrees. The radiant heat is invisible and does not have temperature.
• When this energy throbs against another surface, one absorbs and increases the temperature of this surface.
• The radiation of the sun strikes the external surfaces of the walls and the ceilings which are absorbed. In this way, the surface warms up.
• This heat flows from an external wall to the internal one across the conduction that is radiated again, across the air spaces in the building, to other surfaces inside the building. In the system Prodex, it reflects 97 % of the radiant heat.

Tennis Club Construction Radiation


The toilet system

The water-free urinals of the brand Falcon Waterfree, is the ecological system most used in the world for toleits. The urinals Waterfree de Acualógica offer an advanced solution for saving money and preserving the most valued resource on the Earth, drinkable water.

Toilet Costa Rica TennisThe system does not use water. In this way, it conserves a huge quantity of water and creates a toilet service more hygienic without odor. It has also low costs of maintenance and a better permanence in comparison with the conventional urinals. The mechanisms do not need rain supply nor a treatment plant, which helps avoids production of pollutant emission of carbon dioxide. The system use also chemical biodegradable products.

Environmental benefits:

  • About 5% of the drinkable water is used for the toilets. Every Falcon system saves 151’000 liters of drinkable water every year
  • It saves the energy and eliminates emission of carbon dioxide related to treatment of waste water
  • Every urinal uses fewer than 3.6 liters of drinkable water for use


Hygienic and aesthetic benefits

  • The toilet are free of tact minimizing the probability of bacteria’s transfer
  • By not using water, there is no suitable area for the reproduction of bacteria. Some studies demonstrated that the bacteria accounts are 5 times lower in comparison with normal toilet system.

Green septic installation with Bionest

At Palma Pacifica, the treatment of wastewater will be optimal. The system operated by Bionest offers a solution for the disposal and treatment of wastewater where conventional systems are inadequate, such as in low permeable soil, a high water table, bedrock and small lots. This is a great septic installation which may reduce the size of the area used for the leaching bed in permeable soil by up to 66%. This kind of installation is ideal in Palma Pacifica in order to protect the environment.


Bionest Tennis construction


The wastewater treatment system combines all the advantages of a natural, simple and robust system with the peace of mind of knowing that it will never need to be replaced:

  • Maintains the value of the property: Meets and exceeds current government standards
  • Helps make the environment safe for residents
  • Totally clear and odorless effluent
  • Protection against blue-green algae
  • Highly resistant to hydraulic and organic shock loading:
  • Unaffected by exterior temperatures: Bionest design works as effectively in - 40 C or + 40C temperatures

Solar Energy


The solar energy is provided by the installation of solar tubes. They are high-performance day lighting systems that use advanced optics to significantly improve the way daylight is harnessed. It provides exceptional lighting. The light output is very advanced. It is a green solution that allows people to switch off electric lights during the day, which provides a huge reduction in environmental pollution.

Solar Energy


Technology makes a tremendous difference in the lighting performance. The Solatube Daylighting System is the only product line with Spectralight. A reflective tubing material can transfer up to 500 percent more daylight than any other material currently used in the industry. This eco-friendly system is the brightest, cleanest and whitest natural light possible.

Concerning label, this widely-recognized, enhanced energy-efficiency rating means that the product has met the stringent requirements of the Energy Star program through the U.S. Department of Energy and the Environmental Protection Agency.

Finally, the Solatube Daylighting System includes an innovative moisture control system that ensures the most air and water-tight installation ever for ultimate peace of mind. The installation will give all the comfort needed in Palma Pacifica in terms of light.

Tennis Club Quepos

Quepos Tennis Club

Quepos Tennis Club

Quepos Tennis Club

Tennis Club Tennis Club
Tennis Club Tennis Club
Tennis Club Tennis Club
Tennis Club Tennis Club
Tennis Club  


Tennis Club


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